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Only good things can come of this. 

"Would you care for a date?"
"You mean…. another data point?"
"No, I… was thinking about dinner."
"Joan, will you….
"…be my co-author?" 
"Oh, Meredith! Et al!" 

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New Teacher Angst

School starts in the 25th. This is my first time being in charge of EVERYTHING. I’m oscillating between feelings of excitement and pride for the effort I’ve put into my room to dread and anxiety that it’s not enough. I have a system of classroom management worked out (and some backup plans just in case), lessons and units planned out, and I feel like I know where to go if I have questions.

*Sigh* I know I’m over thinking but I don’t want to be caught off guard with anything.

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for the teachers


I liked a little thing I made up for the first day of class. 

Partly inspired by the growth mindset posts that were going around #education last week, I was casting about for ways to introduce those ideas to some groups which didn’t make a whole lot of progress last year. This turns out to be kind of a step before that lesson, and I’m sure something similar has been presented a million times before, but I love the concrete visual and the way it addresses the self-defeating habits of many of my students. 

Turns out there are lots of clips of weightlifting grandmas on the internet, but I found this very short clip of a lady named Winifred Pristell deadlifting 262 pounds last year when she was 74. She has an eponymous website with a bio that explains how she came to weightlifting after a health scare in her sedentary, obese 40s.  I decided to use her story.

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